Sonya Thomas

Sonya Thomas is a human resources manager for a funeral services business in the Kansas City area.  In this capacity Sonya is engaged in advising in the areas of compliance, benefits, and community involvement.  

Although human resources is her current endeavor, Sonya spent the largest part of her career as an administrator specializing in adult and alternative education programming for community members 17 years and older seeking to improve their basic educational skills, attain a high school equivalency, and/or improve English proficiency. After 17 years working for the largest public school system in Kanas City, Sonya lent her talent and skills to post-secondary education and technical career preparation for the purpose of tooling underserved and overlooked populations in our area.

Working with Cascade Media Group allows Sonya to state her truth in no uncertain terms. To speak for herself with the understanding that doing so with a positive change in mind is the way to bring awareness and uncover the unfair and unfortunate instances that life has allowed. This process of being true to oneself that gives room to document the outrage sometimes felt is also the same process to be used to highlight wonderful changes we see in the world around us.  The freedom to speak the truth in reference to our own experiences is what makes this opportunity valuable.  Let each person speak for himself and not for others is a great way to hear each voice in their proper context.   

It is very important to Sonya that she stays connected to the community that helped raise her.  Leaning on the influences of those who inspired her throughout her childhood and adulthood has very much contributed to the person that she is while also moving toward the person that she strives to be.  The endeavor to look inward and find her truth is an ever-changing assignment.  Using her personal mantra, “To thine own self be true”, she plans to get there by any means necessary.

Thomas has a Dual Master of Arts in human resources management and human resources development from Webster University and a Bachelor of Science in business management – human resources from Missouri Western State College (University). Additional educational credentials include being certified by the state of Missouri in adult education and literacy, as well as high quality career adult education and literacy.

Sonya values her relationships with family, friends, sorority sisters, community organizations, and most importantly, her teenage son, Donovan.

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