Saul Davis


Saul Davis, MLA.ed, is the Director of Partnerships at NixCode, a mobile first solutions platform. He is a visionary leader at the forefront of pioneering initiatives across the realms of education, healthcare, technology, and the nonprofit sector. With a profound passion for leveraging technology-driven solutions, Mr. Davis boasts an extensive and diverse background in spearheading innovative programs.

His professional journey is marked by a profound mastery of Organizational Management, Process Improvement, and Job Training and Workforce Development, having successfully served both small enterprises and Fortune 100 corporations. Mr. Davis's impact extends to the educational landscape, where he has overseen transformative programs in major metropolitan and suburban school districts, including the establishment of cutting-edge computer learning laboratories.

Furthermore, he has dedicated his expertise to catalyzing change in underserved communities through startup ventures, aiming to bridge the digital divide and address critical issues surrounding technology access and equity. Saul Davis stands as a tireless advocate for progress and innovation, committed to shaping a brighter future for individuals and communities alike.

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