Pamela S. Robinson-DaCosta

I was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey and I grew up in Long Island, New York.  I played college basketball at SUNY Old Westbury and was an honorable mention all-american for my two years at SUNY Old Westbury.  I then went to UMASS Boston and graduated with my MA in American Studies. As I continued on my journey I quickly realized how much I love people and love caring for people's lives.
 With that said, I am a Love Coach and a Financial strategist for individuals and businesses. I enjoy working with people in very holistic ways. Through mind, body, spirit and finances. People don't often include finances when assessing their health, although in my experience, when your finances are not healthy, it can be very difficult for the rest of you to feel healthy. I am grateful to work with people in this capacity because I find it rare that people can simply go to one person to work on all of themselves. I dedicate my life to service with this ideal of Loving people.
 I have worked in people-focused careers for 20+ years. The one commonality with everything I do, is that I do it through the lens of Love. I have lived in many parts of the United States, traveled to different countries and even speak a little bit of some different languages. I am telling you all of this, because what I am continuing to learn is;
We all have meaning,
We all want to feel loved
Be loved
And can do a better job at loving ourselves.
I am on this Earth, to Love people and help them Love themselves more deeply. I take pride in the fact that I am living my life's purpose and I am grateful to share this with all of you. I have had my own obstacles I have had to face in my life, being diagnosed with MS was one of them. But this diagnosis, nor do any other difficulties deter me from my mission and life's purpose here on this planet. I have had many struggles in my life that have left me broken, and it is through my brokenness that light may shine through me, from me, and to all those I encounter.
I look forward to venturing on this journey with you, in whatever capacity that may bring.
In my spare time, I love to walk out in nature, listen to the plants, travel, play video games, listen to music and learn languages.
Onward and Upward with Love
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