Bobby Durrah bd of Elections pic

The Christmas Pageant at Jack & Jill Kindergarten, Under the Direction of Mrs. Evelyn Sellers, 1961

Another of the staunch neighbors in my grandmother’s neighborhood was Mrs. Evelyn Sellers. She and her husband lived a block east from my grandmother. She was a business owner in the neighborhood with a thriving enterprise–a kindergarten. In addition, Ms. Sellers taught piano lessons in the evening after the kindergarten let out around noon. She […]

Bobby Durrah bd of Elections pic

Cascade Media Groups New Columnist/Contributor Robert Louis Durrah, Jr.

Robert Louis Durrah, Jr was born Paul Washington in the District of Columbia on August 4, 1957. His adoptive parents, Daisy Mae and Louis Durrah, changed his name upon his adoption so that he would fit more easily into his new family. Robert senior worked for the National Bureau of Standards as a mathematician working […]

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