Celebrating Women & History Month: An Ode to the Trailblazers, Challenges, and Multifaceted Contributions of Women

The observance of March as Women's History Month constitutes a solemn period dedicated to the remembrance and celebration of the significant contributions and achievements of women throughout the chronicles of history. This month serves as a profound reflection on the pivotal roles women have undertaken in fostering societal, cultural, economic, and global advancements. It also […]


Navigating Uncertainty: Exploring Fear, Inherited Trauma, and the Path to Inclusive Education and Mental Well-being

Uncertainty is part of the human experience. Some people thrive in uncertain times; others become emotionally paralyzed, or simply react differently to it. The way people respond to uncertainty may depend on how afraid they are of the unknown. Fear is a human emotion that is triggered by a perceived threat. It is a basic […]

Interview with  Miriam Flores CEO of Advance CVO

Interview with Miriam Flores CEO of Advance CVO

Miriam Flores CEO of Advance CVO changing health care one client at a time Miriam shares her story as a Latin in the US her journey within the community Health Center world and some of her projects that keep her motivated about making a difference in the Latino community.

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