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What Kansas City Can Learn From Costco

Cities are all about finding common ground among disparate groups and learning how to live together. That’s the message every Kansas Citian needs to hear from its elected leaders, bureaucrats and pundits. To be good citizens, we’re obligated to acknowledge and uphold the facts that we live in a city, that other people share our […]


Bridging the Gap: Telemedicine and Healthcare Access in African American Communities

In recent years, telemedicine and digital health technologies have emerged as powerful tools in transforming healthcare access and delivery. These technologies have proven particularly beneficial in underserved communities, such as African American communities, where healthcare disparities have persisted for generations. African Americans have a long history of innovation and entrepreneurship, and they have been at […]


Poor People Are Simply Not Important

Last week I advocated some straight up, simple, and plain political action from our elected political leadership on behalf of beleaguered citizens/constituents (of which I’m one) – that have long suffered under a worsening plague of crime and violence negatively affecting our entire city:  We don’t need to further enhance the political and legal frameworks […]


Why Is Government Better Protected And Served Than The People?

“So many of the social reactions that strike us as psychological are in fact a rational management of symbolic capital.” –Pierre Bourdieu, Classification Struggles For the past fifty years, an epidemic level of black on black homicide has been raging through black communities. If federal resource allocation directed at mitigating this epidemic was done on […]


What Are These Facts Of Which You Speak?

Homicide has been the leading cause of death for Black men ages 15 to 44 for more than half a century. More than 86% of homicides in Black communities involve firearms. These disparities are even more striking for young Black men: homicides are the leading cause of death and more than outstrip the next 15 […]

In The Absence Of Concrete Specific Policy Objectives – Politicians Do Not Deliver Results

Not to pick on the police, but KCPD bad actors were in the news twice this past week. I will use them as an example of how weak politicians use ambiguous policies and goals so that they don’t get anything concrete specific accomplished for voting constituents in terms of police reform. First the Ryan Stokes […]

The Green Impact Zone: Failure of Transparency, Accountability, Governance We have just arrived in Kansas City where, tomorrow, we will continue our discussion of smart growth and smart planning for America’s metropolitan areas. Special Assistant to the President on Urban Policy Derek Douglas, Special Advisor for Green Jobs Van Jones, and I will be joined by HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan and Transportation Deputy […]

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Why Do “Our” Elected Officials Do So Many Obviously Stupid Things?

It seems to be widely accepted now that our politicians can’t do much of anything other than signal, perform, and otherwise try to control the narrative, with all those terms being used in a pejorative sense.  But the greatest weakness at all levels in modern political culture is one that I’ve touched on several times […]


Using Technology to Boost Minority-Owned Businesses

In today’s fast-moving business world, technology has become a powerful tool for minority-owned businesses, especially those led by African Americans. It helps them not only survive but also do well. From online selling platforms and digital marketing ideas to financial technology (fintech) solutions, technology is changing how these entrepreneurs work and connect with their customers. […]


Community Health and Economics: Bridging Gaps and Nurturing Well-being

An Inspiring Conversation with Dr. Yusef Mosley Dr. Shelley Cooper, Health Correspondent In the heart of Rockville Center, a compassionate voice in healthcare is working tirelessly to bridge the gaps in our communities and nurture well-being. Dr. Yusef Mosley, a dedicated neurosurgery specialist, shared his journey and insights in a recent interview that left us […]

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