“Exploring the Connection between ‘Spiritual Nutrition’ and Exercise

By Estelle Brooks Peace, good health and blessings to all. D.N.A. is a priority: determination-nutrition-awareness brings about a healthy you. A N.E.W. you: Nutrition-Exercise-Wellness is the key to a healthy new you. Concerning “Spiritual Nutrition”. Spiritual Nutrition is not based on any particular religions’ belief. Your religion may say not to eat pork or other […]


“Estelle Brooks Offers Advice on Liberating Yourself from Unhealthy Eating Habits”

Freedom from “unhealthy foods” should be your “G.O.A.L.” (Go on and live). Last week “food deficiency” was the topic because people truly don’t realize what the body is lacking. We must realize our food necessity. Let me say this, one cannot be “liberated” without being “educated”. Education means to lead one out of “ignorance”. So, […]

Interview with Ramsey & Associates Design & Our Health Matters magazine owner Ruth Ramsey

Interview with Ramsey & Associates Design & Our Health Matters magazine owner Ruth Ramsey

Interview with Ruth Ramsey, an entrepreneur with a creative vision, established Ramsey & Associates Design in 1989. Her passion for community health and well-being led her to create Our Health Matters magazine in 2005, a monthly health publication focused on the Kansas City area. The magazine aims to enhance health literacy, empower individuals, and bridge […]

Estelle Brooks Sharing Some Tips on Wellness/Nutrition & Exercise “Toxic Waste” Part 1

Peace and Good Health to you all. Once again, ,,my name is Estelle Brooks and my topic today is “Toxic Waste” Part 1. Let me start by saying “How your body looks will be demonstrated by what you put in it”. When it comes to toxic waste it is often said “Your health is your […]

“Conversing with Dr. Nozella Brown: A Deep Dive into the Health and Wellness of Black Women”

“Conversing with Dr. Nozella Brown: A Deep Dive into the Health and Wellness of Black Women”

Dr. Nozella Brown brings a wealth of personal and professional experience when addressing the challenges of Black women’s health and wellness. Growing up in the city adjacent to a dump, Dr. Browns childhood experiences underscore her commitment to holistic well-being  with a focus on intentional self-care.   A distinguished professional, Dr. Brown has an extensive background […]


MARIJUANA PART 2 “What Does Life Mean to You, And What Do You Mean to Life”

Make your life meaningful. Let me begin by saying: “May your day be forever blessed with the spirit of good health and your spirit be filled with the blessing of the Creator.” Now let me pick up on a question. Why is marijuana being legalized? To keep you sick and unhealthy. Marijuana causes anxiety, fear, […]


MARIJUANA “Recreation when you buy it, Degeneration when you use it.”

Fact: Every use is a N.D.E. (Near Death Experience). Smoke inhalation in any form is dangerous and destructive to the body, mind and spirit. Regardless of the form the human body, animal body even to a cars body smoke is dangerous. Listen you smoke in “hell” ers! Smoke from the cigarette, pipe, cigar, “joint” (slang […]


Estelle Brooks Sharing Some Tips on Wellness/Nutrition & Exercise“A fool knows what to eat, a wiseman knows what he’s eating”

Welcome back to more on Wellness/Nutrition & Exercise. I would like to start by saying: “Don’t be too busy making a living that you forget how to live”. Money cannot save one who ignores their health. You cannot grow another leg, arm, heart or brain. In my last article “6 words to cure disease and […]


Dr. Shelly Cooper Shares Information on Mental Health in the Black Community

A few weeks ago, we sat having lunch at a restaurant in downtown Kansas City. Seven friends and family members enjoyed sharing memories of our high school and college days. Even though we laughed as we relived funny stories that become more and more blurry each year, we made a point to avoid mentioning one […]


Empowering Our Minds: The Rise of AI for Mental Health Support in Black and Latino Communities

In recent years, advancements in technology have paved the way for innovative solutions in various fields, including mental health. One notable development is the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven tools and platforms designed to provide tailored mental health support for diverse communities. As we navigate the complexities of mental health, it is crucial to explore […]

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