Cascade Media Group Host Carl W Bussey Interviews Terry Riley, former Kansas City Councilman

Cascade Media Group Host Carl W Bussey Interviews Terry Riley, former Kansas City Councilman

Cascade Media Group Host Carl W Bussey. Interviews Terry Riley, a former councilman of Kansas City, has made significant contributions to the community through his various roles. His experience spans across the School District, Community Organizing, and his term on the City Council. Riley has been a part of numerous initiatives, one of which includes […]


Part II: Further Down the Yellow Brick Road

So this article might feel like a real doozy for some, but for me, it makes perfect sense and the reason why I decided to drop this article off on What’s Up is to stir the waters up juuuuuust a lil’ bit mo’. Over the years, I’ve come across some rather interesting interpretations about Frank […]



Four more years of Donald J. Trump HAS AMERICA BY THE GENITALS. Weare at the desperate fate of having to choose between two evils an aged president versus a feloniously criminal; that is a racist and wants to be a dictator for his own pleasure and ego. he does not care about America and Her […]


Italian Politics in Kansas City

Growing up in Northeast Kansas City in the 70’s we were surrounded by many Italian American politicians who had the best interest of Italian Americans in their actions. Today the Italian Americans of Kansas City have NO ONE to lead them and NO ONE to represent them in city, county or state politics other than […]

Fact or Fiction Democracy or Republic

Fact or Fiction: Republic or Democracy?

Fact is often stranger than fiction. When diving into the complex and often convoluted relationship between the de facto Democratic corporate fiction known as the UNITED STATES and the de jure constitutional republic united states of America, this saying couldn’t be more accurate. This distinction is not merely theoretical or academic; it’s a crucial aspect […]

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The Necessity of Business Ethics

I recently had a discussion with my wife and her cousin about the state of ethics and values in the Black community relative to our business practices. As we spoke, it became clear that there is a glaring lack of ethical business practices which presents a significant hurdle for us that we must overcome in […]


FIT 4U IS 4U N.E.W. Nutrition-Exercise-Wellness BAD FOOD DECISIONS

“Don’t Ruin a Good Day Thinking About a Bad Yesterday” “It’s Your Decision” Food that looks good is not always good for you. Bad Food Decisions cause obesity and other diseases. We exercise as much and as often, we go to the gyms, do cardio, jog or walk, even count how many steps we walk […]

National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month: A Critical Call to Action

By: Lindsay Dietz Every July, National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month provides an opportunity to spotlight the unique mental health challenges faced by our minority communities. Established in 2008 by the U.S. House of Representatives, this month-long observance aims to enhance public awareness of mental health disparities among minorities, reduce stigma, and promote mental health […]



I recently read where most fireworks and lottery tickets are bought by low income people and then I asked myself why? Why would people with the least amount of disposable income spend their hard earned money on lotto and fireworks? We’ll with the Lotto you actually have a chance to win something albeit a very […]


“Trump World!!!!”

Four more years of Donald J. Trump will mean the end of Democracy and the beginning of the New World Order and that means it will be tyranny for any non- White American citizen and the beginning of the New World Order that will segregate divide and dispose of Democracy as we know it. Racism […]

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