How Many of Us Are Impacted by Birthday’s Celebration?

How Many of Us Are Impacted by Birthday’s Celebration? I wanted to share my thoughts on children who have never had a birthday party. Birthday celebrations can have a great impact on a person later in life. Even though the impact can vary from individual to individual. There are some effects of not having a […]



Children of Incarcerated Parents (C.O.I.P) is a nonprofit advocacy organization founded by Barbara Courtney in 2012 and incorporated in 2013.  C.O.I.P. provides services to mitigate the social and emotional impact on children with an incarcerated parent. C.O.I.P. raises awareness about children who are dealing with anger, shame, anxiety, and abandonment issues because of a parent […]


Missouri Prison System to Be Held Accountable: 134 offenders died in 2023

I want to address the problem of 134 offenders dying in our Missouri Department of Corrections. There was an article written in the Kansas City Star, January 5, 2024, regarding a mother LaShon Hudson who lives in Kansas City Mo. Ms. Hudson son Michael Hudson. 30 years old was stabbed to death. This mother has […]


Native Americans Incarceration

There are 574 federally recognized Indian Nations called tribes, nation, bands, and native villages in the United States. Let’s talk briefly about the treatment native people in the criminal justices system. Personally, I rarely here about the Native people incarceration. There are tribal land who has there own law to address the criminal justice system. […]

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