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We’re thrilled to announce a campaign initiated by Cascade Media Group that aims to unite our community. In our next installment, we’ll explore the concepts of Block Voting and Group Economics, explaining their definitions and their importance to people of color. 

Cascade Media Group, along with its various platforms, Cascade Media Group, What's UP Kansas City, Kansas City Business Association, Cascade Sports and What's Up Worldwide is leading this campaign. These platforms serve as a digital hub for our community, offering a space for dialogue, information sharing, and community empowerment. We invite everyone to join us in this initiative, which promotes block voting and group economics, with the aim of creating a united and empowered community. We hope you’ll join us in embracing this wave of the future.

In the third edition, we’ll discuss our representation in politics, education, healthcare, and business. We’ll also delve into the systemic causes that led to the fragmentation of the black community, where practices like Block Voting and Group Economics could not be implemented post-desegregation.

Desegregation allowed individuals to move out of our communities, disrupting the close-knit neighborhood where everyone from ministers to teachers, doctors, lawyers, coaches, and community leaders lived and interacted. Our businesses were community-based and supported by the community as other opportunities were largely inaccessible.

However, we discovered strength in block voting and practicing group economics. We’re now seeking like-minded organizations and individuals to join this campaign initiated by Cascade Media Group. We hope this information convinces you to ride the wave of the future with Cascade Media Group, a wave that promises a united and empowered community.

What we’re saying in simple terms is that, at present, Cascade Media Group is the only viable digital media company that can achieve this goal. If there’s another black-owned and controlled digital media company that produces and owns its own content and has as many channels as Cascade Media Group, which produces 35 different shows and more, then that’s another vehicle that can be used to implement this strategy.

But the strategy cannot be implemented unless we can communicate directly with the bottom two-thirds of our community, and that doesn’t cost anything because everyone has a cell phone. What it entails is getting this message out and being the change that you want to see by participating directly in this campaign.

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