FIT 4U IS 4U N.E.W. Nutrition-Exercise-Wellness BAD FOOD DECISIONS

“Don’t Ruin a Good Day Thinking About a Bad Yesterday” “It’s Your Decision”
Food that looks good is not always good for you. Bad
Food Decisions cause obesity and other diseases. We
exercise as much and as often, we go to the gyms, do
cardio, jog or walk, even count how many steps we walk
yet we overlook the bad food decisions that we make.
The so-called love handles which are really “obese
handles” don’t seem to disappear. Why? The answer is
you make wrong food decisions in your life. Yes, food
decisions cause you to be healthy or unhealthy. The food
we decide to put on our plate affects our overall wellbeing.
Not a calorie. Food decisions create diseases that can be
passed on to our next generations. “The mind leads the
body follows”. It’s not “General Mills”, “Kellogg’s”, “Post”
or other companies that make you sick. It is your bad food
Ask yourself what causes gut issues? Exercise and
running didn’t put weight on therefore exercise and
running alone will not remove the overweight gut problem.
Clear your plate of weight gaining foods. Food can give
energy and food can drain your energy. Why does this
happen? The “FDA” (Food Drug Administration) is out of
“Nutritional Balance”. There is a mental crisis which is

affected by a health crisis. I am telling you bad food
decisions will affect your mind, body and spirit. Children as
well as adults are suffering with many health issues
because of bad food decisions. Stop blaming everything
and everyone and put the blame on yourself. Your bad
food decisions. How often do you read the “chemicals”
called “preservatives” or “ingredients” that you consume
daily. The word: in-gred-ients yes, the first part ingred is
the beginning of body destruction!
Wrong food decisions lead to short lives, unclean, filthy
and unfit bodies. Life is designed for longevity. When you
decide to eat dead flesh, dead carcasses with live worms
and parasites don’t expect a healthy outcome. Remember
you are the one who makes the final decision on what you
put in your mouth that will affect your heart, brain, liver,
blood and kidneys. You tore yourself down, you can build
yourself back up with the right food decisions. This can be
done without side effects.
Wrong food decisions can cause you to live or die. Learn
“how and what to eat”, “when and where to eat”, and be
sure to learn “how much to eat and how not to eat”. Do
you really need to eat all day, every day, every minute,
every hour of the day? Seriously! breakfast, break, lunch,
break, dinner, dessert and nighttime snack. That’s seven
meals a day, seven days a week a total of 49 meals a
week and you wonder why you have gut, body fat, brain
fog and low energy problems. Think about it bad food

decisions. You are so busy eating you don’t have time to
The wisdom of discernment of life is about intelligent food
decisions. Identifying foods is about protecting your
health, not just saying the food looks good or tastes good
but knowing whether it is good or not good for you. Please
remember, good decisions also shape good character,
purpose and destiny. Don’t be selfish to yourself, give your
body food quality and not food quantity. A long journey
through this life is water, fruits and vegetables are the key
to the right food decisions. Your life is a precious gift from
the Creator. Love and cherish it for you get only one.
“It’s Your Decision”
“Don’t Wait for The Right Moment Take the Moment
and Make it Right”
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Estelle Brooks
Cascade Media Group
July 5, 2024


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