After growing up in an Italian restaurant and seeing wicker wine bottles on every
table for years I’ve decided to get into the wine business and bring back the fiasco
which is the wicker bottle Chianti wine is sold in.
Wine has been the drink of choice since almost the beginning of time. It is
prevalent in the bible and most of history. Some of the world’s great fortunes
have been made in the production and sale of wine.
Wine is easy to drink in most cases with many varieties ranging from light rose to
crisp, cold whites to deep full bottled reds.
As I grow older and my palate becomes more refined and my interest into the
wine business is growing I can see how wine is actually the fruit of life.
There’s nothing better than sharing a nice bottle of Chianti with friends along with
a plate of pasta with red sauce, meatballs, sausage, chicken or any other Italian
food you prefer.
There’s nothing better on a ward day than a crisp chardonnay, pinot grigio or
soave sitting on the deck or in a park eating cheese and grapes enjoying good
There’s also a time for a good rose’. I experienced a fine rose’ on an afternoon
before dinner with a few crackers and olives. Exquisite. Once we drank a bottle of
Perrier jouet which took our relationship to a higher level.


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