On Love, Unity and Collective Action

An Excerpt from The Kingdom Within: Exploring Torah-Based Governance and Prophetic Messianic Redemption by Miykael Qorbanyahu

Love, unity, and collective action have historically played pivotal roles in mobilizing communities and fostering social change, ultimately contributing to the manifestation of the principles of the Kingdom and the pursuit of Redemption. Historical examples, such as Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) and Malcolm X’s Organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU), demonstrate how these ideologies were applied in organized movements aimed at empowering marginalized communities and advancing their rights.

Marcus Garvey’s UNIA, founded in 1914, was one of the most influential Pan-African organizations of the early 20th century. Garvey’s vision was to unite people of African descent worldwide, instilling pride in their cultural heritage and promoting economic self-sufficiency. Love for one’s heritage and unity among people of African descent were central tenets of the UNIA’s ideology. Through collective action, such as the Back-to-Africa movement and the establishment of businesses and educational institutions, the UNIA sought to uplift Melanated communities and challenge the systems of oppression and discrimination that they faced.

Similarly, Malcolm X’s OAAU, founded in 1964, emerged in the aftermath of his departure from the Nation of Islam. The OAAU aimed to unite so-called African-Americans and other oppressed peoples in the fight against racism, colonialism, and economic exploitation. Malcolm X advocated for love and unity among Melanated people, emphasizing the importance of self-respect and self-determination. Through collective action, such as ideological and political organizing, community education, and economic empowerment initiatives, the OAAU sought to address the systemic injustices facing African Americans and foster solidarity with other marginalized groups.

These historical examples illustrate how love, unity, and collective action can be powerful catalysts for social transformation and the advancement of Kingdom principles. By mobilizing communities, promoting solidarity, and challenging oppressive systems, movements like the UNIA and the OAAU exemplify the potential of organized action to bring about positive change and work towards the realization of Redemption. Through their efforts, they laid the groundwork for future generations to continue the struggle for justice, equality, and liberation for all people.

As we continue on our journey towards establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and bringing about the global Prophetic Messianic Redemption of humanity, let us bear in mind that our task is one that encompasses a multifaceted approach rooted in love, unity, and collective action.

At the heart of this journey lies the recognition of our role as agents of YaH’s divine plan, entrusted with the mission of bringing His Kingdom to fruition on Earth. Love, as exemplified by the commandment to love YaH with all our heart, soul, and strength, serves as the guiding force that propels us forward in this endeavor. It is through love that we are able to transcend our individual selves and align our will with YaH’s divine purpose, fostering a deep sense of unity and interconnectedness with all of creation. This further leads us to fulfill the other divine mandate; to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Unity, in turn, emerges as a natural outgrowth of our love for YaH and our commitment to the Kingdom agenda. As we come together in fellowship and solidarity, transcending barriers of disunity and hatred, we embody the vision of a harmonious and inclusive community that reflects the oneness of YaH Itself. This is the Adam shown in vision and pattern at Genesis 1.26-28 and demonstrated on Earth by Israel in Ezra 3.1. Through our collective action, we demonstrate the transformative power of love and unity, inspiring others to join us in the pursuit of justice, righteousness, and peace.

As we embark on this collective journey towards redemption, let us draw inspiration from the rich tapestry of our cultural tradition, which teaches us to heed the call of YaH and work tirelessly for the establishment of His Kingdom. The examples of our forebears, from the patriarchs and matriarchs to the prophets and sages, and even more contemporary individuals and communities, serve as guiding lights illuminating the path towards redemption. It was their unwavering commitment to YaH’s commandments, coupled with their deep love for humanity, that should serve as a timeless reminder for us of the transformative potential inherent within each and every one of us.

Allow me to be crystal clear, the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and the realization of global Prophetic Messianic Redemption are not merely distant aspirations but tangible realities within our grasp. It is through our steadfast dedication to love, unity, and collective action that we can bring these visions to fruition, ushering in an era of peace, justice, and righteousness for all humanity. As we continue on this sacred journey, let us remain steadfast in our commitment to YaH’s divine plan, trusting in His guidance and favor every step of the way.

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