BY John David DiCapo
I recently made a comment on the Mayor’s face book page regarding his affinity to get himself
photographed with different folks in KC at events all around the city and got some pushback
from it. I think this is a good thing that he is in the public and attending events but that seems
to be his biggest concern which is not a good thing.
We have a major crime problem in Kansas City and one of the highest per capita murder rates
nationally and I don’t think he is making that priority #1. The primary responsibility of city
government is the safety of its citizen and in the respect he’s failing.
Murder, break ins, property damage , kids on atv’s and dirt bikes unlicensed, drag racing and
many other crime problems that should be on the top of the list aren’t.
The last Mayor I can remember who was a high profile, attending all kinds of events was Mayor
Dick Berkley. Now Mayor Berkley liked to eat and he never missed an opportunity to attend an
event where there was good food and as an Italian American and a restauranteur we know a
little something about good food and he also showed up when invited to shake hands and have
a plate of food. The difference between Mayor Berkley and the current mayor is that Berkley
got things done for the people. He was not beholden to the big companies and developers. He
already had a family fortune so money wasn’t as important to him as was making Kansas City a
better place to live. Mayor Berkley, my dad Carl DiCapo and John Duncan started the ethic
enrichment festival at Swope Park which brought all the different ethnic groups together for
the betterment of the whole city and it was a huge success even to this day. When my father
passed away last year I was amazed at all the people who came to his funeral and show their
respects who were from different countries and who had participated in the Ethnic Festival.
Mayor Berkley brought people together.
Taking photo ops are not a bad thing but making Kansas City a safer place to live for all
residents should be PRIORITY 1. IT’S A CRIME PROBLEM.
Take more photos with the KCPD and show what you’re doing to help the PD curtail some of
these issues. If the city isn’t safe the job is not being done.
I’d like to see more problems solving on the Mayor’s FB page and less photo ops.


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