Interview With Rev. Dr. Stephen D. Jones, of First Baptist Church On Christian Nationalism

Rev. Dr. Stephen D. Jones, co-pastor of First Baptist Church in Kansas City, has expressed his views on Christian nationalism in several articles. He opposes the idea of White Christian nationalism, stating that it seeks to dominate, control, and coerce not only individuals but society as a whole. He argues that this movement is built upon a fundamental lie: that America was founded by Christians for Christians.
Dr. Jones emphasizes that Jesus of Nazareth did not seek to dominate, coerce, or control others, and he did not seek preferential treatment for his followers or himself. He criticizes White Christian nationalists for wanting their version of Christianity to be given preferred treatment1. He also points out that the founders of the U.S. were seeking religious liberty, not Christian domination.
Dr. Jones is also the chairperson of MORE2’s campaign “Call to the Beloved Community, Resisting White Christian Nationalism”. He believes that religious liberty should allow people to practice their faith as they see fit or observe no faith at all. He warns against the fear bred by White Christian nationalists and their struggle to live with diversity.


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