This article is a tribute to my father, Joseph Cefous Alexandria. Despite his limited third-grade education, he was a determined individual who worked as an engineer. He was the proud father of fifteen children, consisting of five girls and ten boys. His focus was not on being a friend, but on instilling discipline and respect. Fatherhood, to him, was a lifelong commitment to loving and supporting his children, regardless of their circumstances. It often broke his heart when his children failed to recognize the sacrifices he made for them, while pretending to be a trusted source.

On another note here is some advice.
Beware of individuals with no moral compass who will not hesitate to swindle you out of your last dollar. Remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Don’t trust strangers who try to deceive you. They might even call to confirm that you received their message, speaking with a foreign accent. The best course of action is to hang up immediately!
Stay vigilant and be cautious of those who promise quick money! Be wary of such individuals!
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