“Exploring the Connection between ‘Spiritual Nutrition’ and Exercise

By Estelle Brooks
Peace, good health and blessings to all. D.N.A. is a priority:
determination-nutrition-awareness brings about a healthy you.
A N.E.W. you: Nutrition-Exercise-Wellness is the key to a
healthy new you. Concerning “Spiritual Nutrition”. Spiritual
Nutrition is not based on any particular religions’ belief. Your
religion may say not to eat pork or other fleshly animals! That is
good but the F.D.A. (Foods-Dummies-and Arrogant Ones) so
called Food Drug and Administration does not care what you
believe. The food they give is unhealthy. The drugs are not
drugs but side effects. Yet what is administrated is somewhat
useless and wasteless. Obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes
or any disease doesn’t care what you believe.
Spiritual nutrition was given by the Supreme Creator in the
beginning of creation. It is written and the words spoken states
“fruit trees bearing fruits with “seed” and bitter herbs will be
the food to eat”. That kind of food was given for humans and
animals both to eat. You may now see what disobedience has
done to the whole human existence. There is no sugar brush.
There are no meat herbs, and no red bull will give you wings.
Think about how bad this generation has become concerning
our health. Tell a child today it’s windy outside and they will

look out the window for a drive through called “WENDY’S”.
Tell a child your friends will be over to play “Dominoes” and
they will think you will play with “Dominoes Pizza”. Tell a child
your “Papa John” or “Papa Murphy” is coming over and they
look for what pizza. Popeyes never gave chicken, he ate
Spiritual Nutrition means knowing what is clean and unclean, fit
and unfit, permitted and forbidden to eat according to the law
of nature.
Now let me dwell into how exercise and weight gain/weight
loss fit into spiritual nutrition. It begins with your hungry habits
and taste bud addiction called is it delicious. You wake up
hungry, you have a habit of eating the same food at the same
time and the food has to be delicious. What that means is you
do the hunger, habit and delicious six times a day. Breakfast,
meal break, lunch, meal break, dinner and dessert. That is six
meals seven days a week which is a total of 42 meals a week.
And you wonder why high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes
and heart attacks keep rising!
Let me say this exercise will not make you lose weight. Stop
overeating too much good food, stop eating unhealthy foods
and you will avoid weight gain and experience weight loss.
Exercise builds muscle and your weight is only loss because you
are exercising and not eating. And please stop saying things
take time. Time doesn’t change anything. Your mind-thought
makes all changes. Change your thought pattern and your life

pattern will change. You cannot change time, but you can
change the way you think and the way you eat.
Be Strong-Be Healthy-Be Life

“Life is made to Live”

If you have any comments or suggestions. You can contact me
at Brookscmg@gmail.com
Estelle Brooks
Cascade Media Group


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