CMG Welcome’s It’s Newest Contributors Michael Long Also Known As Miykael Qorbanyahu

Husband, father, servant, B. Michael Long, also known as Miykael Qorbanyahu, is an author, scholar and spiritual leader of House of Messiah Ministries. With a deep-rooted passion for exploring the intersections of faith, governance, and social justice, Long has dedicated his life to studying and teaching the transformative principles found in the Torah. His work aims to inspire individuals and communities to align their lives with divine principles, fostering a world of justice, peace and righteousness.

Long’s academic journey is complemented by his extensive experience in spiritual leadership, having served various communities with dedication and compassion. His unique perspective is informed by a rich blend of traditional rabbinic teachings and contemporary insights, making his writings both deeply rooted in ancient wisdom and highly relevant to modern times.

As the founder of Long Life Enterprises, Long has created a platform for disseminating knowledge and encouraging spiritual growth. His latest book, “The Kingdom Within: Exploring Torah Based Governance & Prophetic Messianic Redemption,” is a testament to his commitment to guiding readers toward a deeper understanding of Torah-based governance and its role in the unfolding of Messianic redemption.

In addition to his scholarly pursuits, Long is a sought-after speaker and educator, known for his ability to connect with audiences through his profound insights and engaging teaching style. His work continues to inspire and challenge readers to seek personal transformation and actively participate in the creation of a just and compassionate world.

B. Michael Long resides in Kansas City, Missouri, where he continues to study, write, and lead with unwavering dedication to his mission of spiritual and societal renewal.


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