“Cell Phones and school failure!!!”

Colleges are now able to pay student-athletes for their participation in school
sports an d use their image and likeness for marketing purposes it is a multi-
million dollar business and they are now finally cutting the students in on the
profitable billions of dollars they have collected for years from these players of
sports, hope fully the family and student s get financial and legal advice before
signing any contracts or letters of intent that will put them in jeopardy of
binding them to a financial responsibility they will have to honor throughout
their collegiate career you will have sports agent an d crooked lawyers preying
on these kid and their parents offering them gifts of signing bonuses an s
material things to ger them to sign their kids life away;slavery102. A more
common than normally expected and ongoing recent one is with the Mann
family; a gospel comedy television show where they say they invested in an oil
refinery unsolicited commercial communication usually in the form of social
media or email to extract financial profit from an unsuspected person or victim.
It is both alarming and amazing that we as parents has allowed our children’s
love for electronics to foreshadow their education phone and tablets do not
belong in the class room the teachers have a hard enough time to keep your
child’s attention to help them get educated and get their studies done and to
keep their attention and maintain order in the class room. Now our Kansas City
School district is considering takin g the electronics out of the classrooms; good
luck with that, they should never have been allowed in the first place!
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