Carl W Bussey Interview with Venessa Huskey, The Esteemed Jackson County Legislator of The 2nd District

“Leading the charge on the campaign and project we’re discussing is the Cascade Media Group, working hand-in-hand with the Kansas City Business Association. Their collaborative efforts are at the forefront of this initiative. In a recent discussion about group economics, Carl Bussey had the opportunity to engage with Venessa Huskey, the esteemed County Legislator of the 2nd District.

During the conversation, Bussey underscored the significance of unity within the urban core and across all facets of life for people of color. He believed that aligning everyone on the same page, with a shared agenda, can drive the community forward and empower them to claim their rightful seat at the table.

Bussey further highlighted that the Cascade Media Group, the primary initiator of the block voting and group economics campaign, has devised practical and effective solutions. However, these solutions require the concerted effort and collaboration of leaders from all sectors to bring the issues of block voting and group economics to fruition.

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