Yesterday I saw a news report on a man who went on a shooting spree in
Arkansas and shot 11 people, 3 being cops. 3 of those shot have died with several
fighting for their lives.
I wrote a Facebook post saying that the assailant and murdered was injured and
apprehended. Taking to the hospital and then to jail. I also said that if the shooter
was black he would have been shot 100 times and killed not injured and
A couple FB friends accused me of race baiting whatever that means but I was just
telling it like I see it.
You going to tell me that a black man with a shotgun shooting 11 people in
Arkansas, killing 3 and wounding 3 police officers is going to get wounded and
then apprehended?
If you believe that I have some swampland in Florida that I’d like to sell you that
getting ready to drain.
Most mass shootings are done by white men who in turn take their own lives. This
guy should have been killed to save the taxpayers the money and time of trying
him for something everyone knows he did.
If you believe anything other than what I just said we are living in 2 different


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