Vincent Alexander shares his thoughts on (the Mann family oil refinery scam)

Scamm: A more common than normally expected on going on right now is with
the Mann family; a gospel comedy television show where they say they invested
in an oil refinery unsolicited commercial communication usually in the form of
social media or email to extract financial profit from an unsuspected person or
victim. It is usually in the format of you get this for that a; monetary value much
greater to pass up on from one to join or connect. They go to your
Messenger of Face Book page and steal your contacts then contact your
Contac’s pretending to be you, a trusted source.
These people have no morals and will steal your last dollar if you let them con
you and lead you along remember what sounds too good to be true usually is
too good to be true. Don’t get conned and don’t trust people you don’t know,
they will even call you to confirm you got their message and they will have a
foreign accent, just hang up!
Be care full and remain alert to scams of this nature!
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