Estelle Brooks Sharing Some Tips on Wellness/Nutrition & Exercise “Toxic Waste” Part 2

May you be blessed with good health, long life and prosperity.
“Your tomorrows are shorter than your yesterdays”. “Wisdom
doesn’t always come with age that’s why there are old fools”.
Welcome to Part 2 of “Toxic Waste”. Let me be clear. “Toxic
Waste” is definitely in our bodies, blood, brain, organs etc. Our
diseases and ailments surely testify to the fact. Yet there are
cures. Toxic waste in the body from process stuff (called food),
alcohol, drugs (with overwhelming death effects). Let’s be
“R.E.A.L.” so we can clean out our garbage body. R.E.A.L.- R-
responsibility, E-effort, A-accountability, L-life. To remove toxic
waste from your body you have to take full “responsibility” for
what you have put in it. You have to put forth “effort” to stop
defiling and polluting your body. Then you must face the truth
that you and you alone will be held “accountable” for yourself
destruction. Blame passing and excuses will not clean up what
you toxic up. Your one “life” placed in your hands do as you see
Now let’s look at the toxic waste in your surroundings. In your
home “things” that you hold on to for days, weeks, months even
years that you want but don’t need is toxic waste.
Now let us look at toxic waste in the mind that is known as
negativity, envy, jealousy, greed, arrogance, lust, (self-
indulgence), attachments, anger, ego, pride, avarice and laziness
are all forms of toxic waste. Oh yes, I can’t, I’ll try, maybe (which
is doubt) or also toxic waste.

Yet with all this filth in the body and mind you wonder why our
health is failing. People make sure that the dog has no toxic
waste in its food while humans sit around in restaurants and
homes eating dead flesh washed down with wine and smoke
cigarettes and marijuana crying what’s happening to me. My
head hurts, my chest is tight, my legs are swollen, my hands hurt,
my feet hurt when I walk. When these symptoms arise you need
to delete, reset and clean out the toxic waste you put in yourself.
The clean out is simple “stop putting it in”. Don’t be in a love hate
relationship with you. Be in a “I love me some me always”.
Be blessed, be loved, be life.
“Get busy living or stay busy dying.”You can contact me
Estelle Brooks
Cascade Media Group


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