“Estelle Brooks Offers Advice on Liberating Yourself from Unhealthy Eating Habits”

Freedom from “unhealthy foods” should be your “G.O.A.L.” (Go
on and live). Last week “food deficiency” was the topic because
people truly don’t realize what the body is lacking. We must
realize our food necessity. Let me say this, one cannot be
“liberated” without being “educated”. Education means to lead
one out of “ignorance”. So, an “Educator” is one who leads a
person out of ignorance. When it comes to eating healthy there is
a great deal, “nutrition ignorance” going around. The “Laws of
nutrition” states over and over “you are what you eat”, “you smell
like what you eat” and you look like “what you eat”. Supermarkets
have become “Killing Fields”, “Garbage Dens”, “Plantation Slave
Fields”, “Death Traps”, and “Death Valley Graveyards”. Like wild
beasts, people rush to feed on dead flesh wrapped in plastic filled
with parasites and get “ill-feed”, hear me “ill-minded” and then
rush to receive “side effected” drugs. These diseases are only
the results of not learning what and how to eat. Watch what you
eat and watch what you feed your children. We say children are
our future to teach them well. What about children are our future
feed them well and let them lead the way. In far back biblical
times good food gave longevity but today life is short lived
because of bad food. Beloved people break free from U.S.A.
(“Under Satan Authority”). When it comes to your health and the
health of your loved one’s health is the guideline to fulfill your
“purpose and destiny”. Red bull gives you wings will not help you
fly through life healthy. Don’t think all birds with wings drink red
bull. Waking up and eating Jimmy Dean for breakfast is not
healthy for your brain, heart, or liver. Listen. You can love that
chicken from popeyes, but do you know how, where or what these
chickens or feed. Know you don’t. Research not just meats but

research and educates your health on water, fruits, vegetables,
nuts and grains. Nutrition, exercise and wellness is a full-time, all
the time and lifetime concern. “Do your best to do your best”. Eat
well. Life is a precious gift from the Creator. Take care of it.
Be Blessed-Be Strong-Be Life.

As a contributor to CMG. I am. thrilled to announce a campaign initiated by Cascade Media Group that aims to unite our community. In our next installment, we’ll explore the concepts of Block Voting and Group Economics, explaining their definitions and their importance to people of color.
Cascade Media Group, along with its various platforms, https://cascademediagroup.net/
http://whatsupkansascity.net/ https://kansascitybusinessassociation.com/
http://www.cascadesports.tv/ http://whatsupworldwide.com/
is leading this campaign. These platforms serve as a digital hub for our community, offering a space for dialogue, information sharing, and community empowerment. We invite everyone to join us in this initiative, which promotes block voting and group economics, with the aim of creating a united and empowered community. We hope you’ll join us in embracing this wave of the future. If you agree with this. Message. Please share it with friends and family. Cascade Media Group Columnist Estelle Brooks brookscmg@gmail.com


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