Carol Graves Discuss Some Contributing Factors of School Violence

Various schools across this nation have been affected by school violence. Many school professionals, including social workers, attribute violence in schools to mental health issues. However, there are a few other factors that play a part in school violence. For example, the violent video games children play daily, as well as the music and movies they watch on cable TV along with Netflix may cause them to develop some violent tendencies.
Balloon releases and vigils continue in our community, but have not brought about the changes we so desperately need in most communities. However, there is still hope. Creating a positive school climate that embraces respect between students, teachers, and administrators offers ample opportunity for student engagement and more often than not makes a difference.
Finally, we can talk about the problem all day but what are some solutions for us to think about? We know that violence is a learned behavior. Conflict resolution is at the heart of solving violence in our schools. It provides students with an alternative to resolve situations without physical harm. Conflict resolution should be taught in our schools from kindergarten to through high school on a child’s grade level. As we learn violent behaviors, we can learn strategies that produce positive outcomes. Let me know your thoughts.
“Words without actions are meaningless.”

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Carol Graves


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