Carl W Bussey interviews Reverend Keith Brown on the next Jackson County Prosecutor

In an interview with Call W Bussey, Reverend Keith Brown discussed the qualities they believe the next Jackson County Prosecutor should possess. They endorse Ms. Stephanie Burton, a respected attorney and community advocate, for the role. Ms. Burton, who has previously served as a prosecutor, is known for her work in the community and is considered by many to be the ideal candidate. Stephanie M. Burton, a renowned attorney from Kansas City, Missouri, is campaigning for the role of Jackson County Prosecutor. Her campaign has received substantial backing and endorsements from Jackson County legislators. As the proprietor of her law firm and through her work with the Midwest Innocence Project, Burton has established a strong reputation, securing significant victories in the defense of exonerated defendants. Her campaign is centered on addressing public safety issues in Jackson County. For more information about her campaign, please visit her website.


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