Carl W Bussey Interviews his brother Charles Bussey on Block Voting and Group Economics

In our conversation with Charles Bussey, we primarily delved into block voting and group economics, pondering who should be accountable for executing these strategies in the black community. We also broached the subject of resegregation in schools, a multifaceted issue that necessitates earnest conversation and proactive measures. The role of Cascade Media Group in facilitating such dialogues and their eagerness to engage with diverse individuals and organizations was also discussed. However, a more comprehensive understanding of the context requires additional information.
Charles Bussey’s groundbreaking journey as the first black student at Little Rock University is indeed a commendable feat. It’s crucial to recognize and applaud such trailblazing endeavors. His father’s term as the first black mayor of Little Rock, Arkansas, marks significant milestones that have positively influenced the community. Their achievements stand as a beacon of inspiration to many.


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