Thirty-seven days of Lockdown and Still Counting!

On March 1, 2024, Leavenworth, Kansas Federal Prison
suspended visitation and other communication. Families
and Friends have not been able to communicate through a
phone call or email. Offenders are rarely receiving their
outside mail.
Leavenworth houses only men’s in their facility. Currently,
1800 offenders live in this prison. It was reported by the
Kansas City Star; that the offender has had little access to
water and A small amount of food. I am assuming the Star
received this information from an offender. Which is
alarming and Most of us should be concerned. Having
little water and Little food for 1800 men. This condition
for offenders is described as inhumane.
One might ask, what did the offenders do, to cause a
lockdown? It was officially reported; that the facility was
on lockdown due to an investigation of a firearm being
into the facility. The investigation caused the facility to do
a modified operation. This operation restricted the
offender’s movements within the facility. Later, it was
reported the prison had to bring in outside help due to
being understaffed and move staff from a non-guard
position to a guard position.

Whatever, Leavenworth's reason is regarding suspending
visitation. Families and friends have a loved one who is ill
inside of this prison. Staying connected with an
incarcerated loved one is important. Children and families
deserve and have a right to fight for justice on behalf of
their loved one
Let our voices be heard with them! Remember,
Incarceration does not mean everyone is a horrible
person. Mistakes are made every day. Miracles are too.
If you have any comments regarding this column or
suggestion, ideas. Please contact me at
Blessing Always,
Barbara Courtney, Columnist
Cascade Media Group LLC


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