Estelle Brooks Sharing Some Tips on Wellness/Nutrition & Exercise “Toxic Waste” Part 1

Peace and Good Health to you all. Once again, ,,my name is
Estelle Brooks and my topic today is “Toxic Waste” Part 1. Let me
start by saying “How your body looks will be demonstrated by
what you put in it”. When it comes to toxic waste it is often said
“Your health is your wealth”. We can see a lot of broke bankrupt
unhealth people. I agree there is a “mental illness” crisis but a lot
of mental, spiritual and physically illness is rooted in what we put
in our bodies. Like a car wrong gas-wrong oil will cause toxic
waste to the engine. It is no different from what the body
consumes. So much toxic waste is put in the body, mind and
spirit that these three are insanely confused on how to operate.
Today I first want to bring awareness to toxic waste put in the
body. Toxic waste to the body is any processed, non-nutritional
food that brings no quality value to the organs. Your body only
knows and is designed to digest healthy natural living foods.
Don’t eat healthy for a moment. Momentary healthy eating brings
every lasting illness. Any foods that are dead (animals in
particular) and processed foods will become toxic waste. Your
body odor, breath, armpits, feet, etc. will tell you that there is toxic
waste build up or building up in the body. Why is this happening?
It is because the body doesn’t know how to digest this strange
stuff called food substance entering the body.
It is toxic food that causes so many dis-eases. It is insane to
believe that eating anything dead will keep you alive. You are
what you eat. You are what you read. You are what you know.
Now you can count calories but eating dead rotten flesh or
processed foods will in no way keep you alive. Those foods will

falsely sustain you but will never give you good health, long life
and prosperity.
As stated, body organs, heart, colon, liver, blood, muscles, brain,
bones, nerves, veins, kidneys, skin and cells stop their services to
the body when filled with toxic waste. Love yourself. To many
people, are against you don’t let toxic foods be against you also.
The greatest nutritionist (Creator) said I give you fruit trees
bearing fruit where in is the seed there of and bitter herbs to eat.
(water, fruits and vegetables). Your body is your “Garden of
Eden”. Your “Garden of Delight”. Take care of them. You get one
garden, and you get only one body. “God’s blessings come with
Be blessed, be strong, be healthy. You can contact me
Estelle Brooks
Cascade Media Group


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