“Conversing with Dr. Nozella Brown: A Deep Dive into the Health and Wellness of Black Women”

Dr. Nozella Brown brings a wealth of personal and professional experience when addressing the
challenges of Black women’s health and wellness. Growing up in the city adjacent to a dump, Dr.
Browns childhood experiences underscore her commitment to holistic well-being  with a focus on
intentional self-care.
A distinguished professional, Dr. Brown has an extensive background as a nutrition educator,
professor, director emeritus, writer, speaker, researcher, and wellness consultant. Her multifaceted
career, coupled with personal struggles, provides a unique perspective on the challenges women face
in achieving the physical, emotional and spiritual life they deserve.  
As the CEO of Brown Consulting, LLC, Dr. Brown specializes in providing training, resources and
services centered on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Her 18-year tenure at K-State Research &
Extension, where she retired as a county director, included receiving awards for outstanding
community work addressing the social determinants of health affecting vulnerable
populations.  Starting as a nutrition educator, she rose to a community faculty position, overseeing
the development of effective community education programs for underserved, diverse audiences.
Dr. Nozella's academic background includes an EdD and MS in adult, occupational, and continuing
education, along with a BS in home economics and journalism, all earned from Kansas State
University. Her research, writing, and teaching focus on intercultural competence, community-based
learning, and nutrition, health and wellness. Beyond her professional achievements, Dr. Brown
actively serves on several community boards, amplifying the voices of the marginalized.  Dr.
Brown's extensive experience in presenting at local, regional, and national professional meetings
underscores her commitment to making a positive impact.
Dr. Nozella Brown stands as a beacon of inspiration, combining her expertise in wellness and DEI to
offer a unique perspective tailored for her audiences. Her journey, wisdom, and commitment to
intentional living make her an invaluable speaker, poised to ignite transformative conversations on
health, well-being, and the pursuit of a vibrant life. Her greatest joy stems from sharing the wealth of
knowledge she has gained through both her education and personal experiences, a calling that has
defined her life's purpose.


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