Three days ago was my sixty- third birthday, December Eighth,

I was born in Kansas City, Missouri, I am lucky to be alive I had a massive stroke exactly
4,730 days ago I did not think I was going to make it , but God had other plans
for me I survived with the help of medical treatment , my family and close
friends I worked hard through therapy and diet and exercise to get back to this
point of as normal as possible, My eyes still tear up from the remnants of palsy
that affected the left side of my face my left side took the brunt of the stroke I
could not walk and had to learn to type and my typing skills went from fifty to
twenty -five words per minute which has affected my writing time I
have to admit I felt sorry for myself I felt like God was punishing me , but in
reality he was slowing me down from a wild bachelor life-style. I repented from
that and now I am happily and blessedly married to a wonderful woman. I have
grown mature and know what really matters is love and family.


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