MARIJUANA PART 2 “What Does Life Mean to You, And What Do You Mean to Life”

Make your life meaningful. Let me begin by saying: “May your
day be forever blessed with the spirit of good health and your
spirit be filled with the blessing of the Creator.” Now let me
pick up on a question. Why is marijuana being legalized? To
keep you sick and unhealthy. Marijuana causes anxiety, fear,
distrust, or panic. Drowsiness, increased hunger, sight
distortion and nervousness. Hallucinations, delusions, and loss
of personal identity. You can forget who you are is dangerous.
Marijuana can cause psychotic disorders. In short you can end
up being a nut case or schizophrenia. Have you noticed that
every time America legalizes something that the majority of the
time it’s self-destructive. Example: Alcohol (champagne, wine,
beer, vodka, whiskey, rum), cigarettes, foods which contain
(red, yellow, blue dyes), processed foods with chemicals and
artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. Now marijuana is in
the mix. Be aware of what is legalized that goes in your body.
Your body is not designed to inhale smoke in any form or
fashion. No guess work about it. In the heading “what does life
mean to you and what do you mean to life is not an old-time

fantasy or illusionary statement. When your life is meaningful
to you then it should be meaningful to those around you.
Secondhand smoke is destructive to all non-smokers. But
maybe you just don’t care, or you just don’t get it. We say
statements like; “save the children”, “the children or our
future”, “black lives matter”, a mind (life) is a terrible thing to
waste”, no justice no peace”, “power to the people”, “black
power” and “black is beautiful”. All of these statements fall
short of their meaning when “wellness”, “nutrition” and
“exercise” or not included. Of what use is power to a people
with a degenerate smoked up (any form) body, a confused
alcoholic chaotic brain or a body that is consuming dead
carcasses like a buzzard or maggot infested fly! Power to a
dying people that is unhealthy won’t go too far. To think that
because America legalizes marijuana you jumped into their
trickery. Remember this: “If you don’t deal with the best the
worst will have to deal with you”.
Be Blessed- Be Healthy- Be real. Fit 4u is 4u.
If you have any comments or suggestions. You can contact me
Estelle Brooks
Cascade Media Group


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