19% of Married Opposite Sex Couples are Interracial

Which brings me to the questions why are 90% of the most recent
commercials I see on TV are of bi-racial couples. Shouldn’t the
commercials reflect the population of the US.
I have a few of my close friends married to opposite race partners and
all seem to be happy and healthy and I love being with them and I also
ask them at questions.
One of them replied that instead of targeting blacks or whites you can
advertise to both demographics at the same time. Kind of a double
I agree with the premise but wonder about the old prejudiced section
of the population that is still bi racial phobic. Are those commercials
alienating them? I’d say it does from some of the folks I’ve interviewed.
They’re not against it just think it doesn’t reflect the population of
America today but then again they’re not advertising exec that make
these decisions.
America has the right to make commercials using whomever they
decide sells the most product and if these commercials don’t increase
market share I’m sure we will see less in the future.


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