The Salvation Army My Go To Charity

Why do people love the Salvation Army. Well I’ve been involved with the Salvation Army for many years
and have found that they are the most caring group of folks I have ever met. They are always available
when people are in need.
My Dad first introduced me to the Army by asking me to cook hot dogs at the annual events that kicks
off the holiday fund drive and I met a wide selection of people from CEO’s to postal workers, store clerks
and construction works. All there to give back to the community and lend a helping hand to the less
fortunate and people in need.
Every Thanksgiving my Dad Carl DiCapo would get my 2 brothers and nieces and head over to the main
Salvation Army building to serve dinner to folks who had none. Some years they would serve over 5,000
meals. That may have been their only hot meal and the people were thankful.
Some charities that you read about have CEO that make millions of dollars. The Salvation Army is not
one of them. The Colonial who is the head of the local SA make a modest living and works because they
feel it their calling to help others. Donating to a charity nowadays you never know where your money is
going but with the Salvation Army I can guarantee that those donations go to the people that need them
not high paid executives.
We had an Italian festival in October celebrating the life of my Dad and donated over $11,000 to the
Salvation Army. It was a lot of work but to see the help we received from the Salvation Army staff and
the look on the faces of the people who received food and meals over the holidays made it all
That’s why the Salvation Army is my GO TO CHARITY and we hope it will be yours.
If you’d like to donate your time of money contact Alexandra Keubler at 816-968-0360.
You’ll feel better knowing you helped other and they will feel better getting the help.


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