MARIJUANA “Recreation when you buy it, Degeneration when you use it.”

Fact: Every use is a N.D.E. (Near Death Experience). Smoke
inhalation in any form is dangerous and destructive to the
body, mind and spirit. Regardless of the form the human body,
animal body even to a cars body smoke is dangerous. Listen
you smoke in “hell” ers! Smoke from the cigarette, pipe, cigar,
“joint” (slang for marijuana rolled in paper), smoke from
octopuspipe, fire or exhaust from a car all forms of smoke will
kill you. All forms of smoke will degenerate your brain, throat,
lungs, heart, kidneys, colon, liver and all other body parts
because smoke depletes the body of “oxygen”. Do you really
believe intentionally consuming smoke is good for you then you
differently need to delete and reset your brain cells. As kids
our parents told us smoking was bad for us but strange that it
was bad for us but good for them. How is that for home care
and how sickly does that sound! We were told that they could
smoke because they were “grown”. What the hell is grown?
How old do you have to be to be grown? What is the age range
to be grown to destroy your life? Tell me somebody, anybody,
everybody, or even nobody when can one be known to be
grown! Now we have heard what secondhand smoke does to
the body. Smoking makes you an addict. Anytime you have
withdrawn symptoms, nervous symptoms, headaches etc. You
have an addiction. Even when you stop drinking coffee you

have withdrawn symptoms. Again, any form of smoke is
destructive. What will persuade you to believe firsthand smoke
put directly in your body can be healthy? CBD. Really! Smoking
CBD means you are “Consciously Below Dum!! Dum enough to
believe that you are “getting high” when you are really getting
“low”. You get lazy, become worthless to yourself and others.
You have no interest in your “wellness” (your spiritual well-
being) is of no concern toward your health. You become blind
toward your “nutrition” and surely you are not interested in
doing any type of “exercise”. Have you smelled the breath of a
smoker? Nasty. What about how there clothes smell. If it
clings to your clothes how dangers is it to your organs.
Marijuana is legal as so is alcohol. Look at the lives that are lost
through drinking. How many lives will be lost from smoking
marijuana? Marijuana recreates your body, mind and spirit to
slow down your brain, slurs your speech, slows your walk,
where your whole biorhythm is degenerated, and you have
created a monster a “Frankenstein”. You say it’s your life and
you can do what you want with it. Well, if destroying your life
is the best you can give it then think about the lives around you
that are slowly dying and suffering because of what you do
every time you take a puff. Whether you chew it, gummy it,
drink it, smoke it, chocolate candy it these are all forms of
death. That is used in marijuana. In closing smoke is so deadly
that there are smoke free zones around hospitals, schools,
restaurants and even bars. They have even moved from gas
cars to electric cars to stop polluting the air we breathe.

Cherise your life with Wellness/Nutrition & Exercise. Your life is
the best thing that you have.
Be Blessed- Be Healthy- Be real. Fit 4u is 4u.
If you have any comments or suggestions. You can contact me
Estelle Brooks
Cascade Media Group


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