Interview with Ronald Epps Past Superintendent for Columbia, South Carolina Richland County School District One. Part 1

This interview is part of the educational panel commissioned by Cascade Media Group (CMG) to explore what are five main reasons that are affecting people of color from not getting a good education. CMG’s educational panel came back with these five factors that are contributing the most to people of color.
1. Lack of Literacy skills (more than just reading/writing/vocabulary) also reasoning/analytical thinking, computational, and communication skills.
2, Lack of Knowledge of self / Black History
3. Lack of vision (no ability to see beyond)
4. Lack of self-discipline/will power (giving up too easily. Not putting forth the effort or work)
5. Low expectations/self-esteem (thoughts of failure appear more frequently than thoughts of success)CMG is pursuing interviews with some of the largest school district superintendents in the country serving people of color along with HBCU presidents to discuss whether or not these five issues have merit.

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