How Many of Us Are Impacted by Birthday’s Celebration?

How Many of Us Are Impacted by Birthday’s Celebration?
I wanted to share my thoughts on children who have never had a birthday party. Birthday celebrations
can have a great impact on a person later in life. Even though the impact can vary from individual to individual.
There are some effects of not having a birthday, such as having a gathering with people to acknowledge you on
your special day. Enjoying different activities with loved ones can be a big factor in a person life.
Having a birthday party is seen as celebrating yourself and feeling very special. Sometimes not having this
type of experience can lead to not feeling special and forgotten. Sometimes parents or caregivers can feel the
pressure to have a big party every year due to societal norms or cultural expectations. However, due to financial
hardships and religious beliefs, some children do not get a chance to celebrate their birthdays. I am the parents
who never gave their children a birthday party. However, birthdays were acknowledged with gifts, cards, or
money. Not having a birthday party as a child can allow an individual to celebrate their birthdays in other ways.
I do believe a child needs to be acknowledged on their birthday and birthday parties are fun. My children do give
their children birthday parties. Which is great!
Today I wanted to acknowledge our partnership with Birthday Connection. Birthday Connection is the only
nonprofit organization in the Kansas City area that focuses on children from ages 0-18 years old and helps them
celebrate their birthdays. In 2023, Children of Incarcerated Parents were able to help over forty children through
Birthday Connection with a birthday cake, gifts, gift cards, books, and a birthday card. I believe in miracles, do you?
I am impacted by birthday acknowledgments. If you know a child who needs to be acknowledged. Please email at I welcome any comments or suggestions. As Always remember there is light at
the end of the tunnel!
Blessings Always,
Barbara Courtney, cascade-media columnist


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