Estelle Brooks Sharing Some Tips on Wellness/Nutrition & Exercise“A fool knows what to eat, a wiseman knows what he’s eating”

Welcome back to more on Wellness/Nutrition & Exercise. I
would like to start by saying: “Don’t be too busy making a living
that you forget how to live”. Money cannot save one who
ignores their health. You cannot grow another leg, arm, heart
or brain. In my last article “6 words to cure disease and illness”,
it is just a matter of “stop doing what makes you sick”. When
you are sick everything around you is sick. The old saying
“misery loves company and never gets enough”. Listen when it
comes to begin health know your surroundings. Know where
you are so that you can take charge of your life, health and
wellbeing. Be a leader not a follower. We are in the United
States of “Effects”. The food is chemicalized to bring
destructive effects to more “side effects” to keep you sick.
Cause means nothing unless the food can cause many effects.
Why else would artificial flavors, additives and preservatives be
placed in foods unnecessarily. Learn to hear the truth as well
as to know the truth. Stop eating for emotional and physical
gratification and eat to be healthy. Remember you need to
know the truth and the truth will keep you healthy. Let’s live.
Spell “live” backwards and it spells “evil”. How evil can a
community be that feeds death to families and become
shocked when the results are high blood pressure, asthma,
diabetes, diabetes 1 and 2 plus etc. Bad foods or “weapons of

mass destruction”. Our wellness/nutrition & exercise requires
change. “A wiseman/woman mind makes ten thousand
changes, but a foolish mind never changes”. A change of
wellness/nutrition & exercise begins with a change of thought,
mind and attitude. Foods we eat affect all three. Illness and
sickness repeats when there is no change. When it comes to
our health, there is a “health crisis”. Believe that. We are mass
killers of our own body organs. Let me explain. Take leftovers
for example. You won’t eat leftovers at home, but you buy
leftover dead animals’ rotten parts that sit for days, weeks,
even months in stores. How much of a health crisis is that for
you. We take death home season it, bake, fry, grill or boil it, eat
and then say that death smells and taste good. Talk about a
mental health crisis how does that strike you! Remember to get
well and stay healthy. Eat the right food even when you are
around the wrong foods! “You cannot enjoy the harvest unless
you work the field” and “You cannot be on a long-term journey
with a short-term memory”. It’s only after we lost something
that we want it back. This applies very much to our health. Be
Blessed- Be Healthy- Be real. Fit 4u is 4u.
If you have any comments or suggestions. You can contact me
Estelle Brooks
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