This Petition Was Started in November 12, 2019 By Cassandra Lomax, St Louis Mo.

In the state of Missouri, you have to serve 85% of your sentence before you’re eligible for
parole. The goal here is to reduce that percentage to 50% or less, particularly for first time
offenders. Many people go to jail as a repercussion of their actions and I believe that after
a certain amount of time, birthdays, & deaths missed- offenders would have had plenty of
time to “think” about and “pay” for their actions by serving time. Mass incarcerations are
and have been at an all-time high. We must stand for injustice and forgive. Injustice is
enslaving a human for a mistake for well over what is deserved. The justice system has
been rigged for quite some time and it is time to change that in the state of Missouri.

What if it were your son or daughter? What if it were you? 

NOV 13, 2019 — 
Not only is the above-referenced policy immoral, it's economically
damaging. Here are some facts and statistics to show the absurdity of
this policy.
*The most expensive prisoners to house are the Maximum-Security
offenders; and the reason we have so many in Missouri, is the 85%
minimum sentencing requirement.  You don't drop level until you're
closer to your release date.
*Locking up first-time offenders for extended periods of time means
that those young offenders lose years in their work life that they need
in order to be more productive, and are often released with no skills
with real-world applicability.  That failure to find gainful employment
that trains an individual in working and dealing with people, often
leads an individual right back to crime. The Parole Board needs to be
granted the power to actually assess someone's rehabilitation and
release them when they're still young enough to become successful.

85% needs to be changed, I remember signing this petition, 4 years later it is still circulating, we
must continue to fight for our incarcerated love ones. This petition and giving a second chance
matters. Share your opinions regarding this petition. I look forward in hearing your thought
regarding this petition. Welcome To 2024!!
Keep The Faith
Barbara Courtney, Columnist
Cascade Media Group


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