Missouri Prison System to Be Held Accountable: 134 offenders died in 2023

I want to address the problem of 134 offenders dying in our Missouri Department of
Corrections. There was an article written in the Kansas City Star, January 5, 2024, regarding
a mother LaShon Hudson who lives in Kansas City Mo. Ms. Hudson son Michael Hudson. 30
years old was stabbed to death. This mother has not been given any answers regarding her
son death. Missouri Department of Corrections claims Mr. Hudson death is still under
Ms. Hudson do not stand alone in this heartbreaking situation. Not all of the 134 offenders
have died by homicide. It has been offenders who has died due to medical conditions not
being addressed and denied. Some of theses deaths included civil rights violations and
In 2020 there was 23,000 incarcerated offenders in Missouri who enter in the Department
of Corrections with HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Drug/Alcohol COVID-19 Heart problems, as well as
other related disease that were not address with proper care and dignity.
June 2023, Missouri Department of Corrections addressed drug overdoses every other day,
19 percent of death in 2023 are related to the 134 death in the Missouri Department of
Corrections. We must not only hold Missouri Corrections accountable, Anyone who brings
drugs into the facilities should be responsible as well.
As I write this column. It is important for us to stand together and fight not only for justice
also for the injustice that affect us all. If you have any questions, ideals who would like to
share. Please email me:cascademgcourtney@gmail.com
Blessings Always
Barbara Courtney, Cascade Media Group Columnist


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