Accountable with Missouri Department of Corrections

Part of the Missouri Department of Corrections, mission statement is improving lives for a safer
community in fostering public safety, health and wellness. I personally believe we need the police,
Department of Corrections, probation and parole etc. Also, we need people to be held accountable.
Sometime justice is not fair. The more research and based on personal experience. Our prisons is a
profitable business for investors. Securus is a profit business and Missouri Department of Corrections
is part of it. Through partnerships this private firm have dominate the provision of essential digital
services to our love ones. The incarcerated has become part of their lucrative schemes that
victimizes the very people that professes to help.

In 2023, The Missouri Department of Corrections sent out information to the offenders there would
not be no new restrictions on the number or type of books, newspapers or magazines in prison they
could purchase, borrow, access or read. The department supported reading and making reading
materials readily available. The offenders were made aware a change was coming on Sept. 25,
2023, family members or friends could no longer order books directly from vendors such as
amazon, Barnes and Noble. Their friend or family member who wants to get a book for someone in
a Missouri state prison can add funds to the incarcerated person’s account, and that person can then
order the publication or books through the purchasing process already in place.
The Family members and friends can add funds to the personal account of their love ones in a
prison through Securus at The incarcerated person can select a book using the
catalogs available in the facility and submit a purchase request through a case manager, generating
what’s known as a “green check.” The offender finance unit then deducts the funds from the
offenders account and places the order. The books are shipped directly from the vendors (secures
and Missouri corrections), to reduce the risk of package tampering.
The reason MODC decided to make This change in was to gives the department
the ability to track the items of each mailed books, magazines is to be more efficiently in keeping
contraband out of their facilities. The claim was there staff have discovered books and magazines
with pages soaked in dangerous lethal substances, drugs concealed in the book bind? The Process
and requirement that all magazines and books be sent only from a reliable and respectable known
vendor that was already was established such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, New York Times. I am
still trying to figure out how MODC facilities was receiving books, magazine and other publication
from reputable company they approved for years is not reliable.
MODC stated in an article it appears the books, and magazines was sent directly from a reputable
vendor but actually the books, magazine had been tampered with and then mailed in a disguised
packaging. How is this possible? Well, maybe it is possible! The books were purchased from a
reliable vendor, tampered with, and then returned to the vendor to be shipped to a prison. What did
they tell the vendor? Oh, I accidently, put the wrong address on the box? In other words, the
vendors were at risk of getting contaminated as well. The article stated, some of the drugs could
come in liquid form and It was hard to detect, and it could cause harm not only to the user, also to
staff and other offenders. My thoughts to this statement; Did MODC send a letter to make the
previous vendors making them aware of the danger of getting contaminated? How did MODC and
Securus Tech come to an agreement; Securus was better suited for the contract?

Securus Tech already control the so-called free offenders’ tablets, phone, videos call, and emails.
Now MODC has agreed to let Securus handle the books, magazine, and other publication. Who lives
are improving financially? At what expense? We must not only continue to advocate for our
incarcerated loves one. Also, be the change that we seek. If you have any ideas, concerns or
suggestion. Please email me at:cascademgcourtney@gmail,com Stay safe and Warm.
Blessings Always,
Barbara Courtney,
Cascade Media Group Columnist


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