Kansas City Business Association Welcomes Tony L. Van Trece, KCBA’s New VP of Legal Community Affairs.

1. Intentional recruitment of engaging small business owner members to create strategic partnerships and supportive relationships, both as mentors and as peers (To establish trust between member business owners).

2. Facilitate connecting member business owners with local influencers already established in locale that can advise business owners on how to get stuff done and through the minutiae of politics and bureaucracies. Provide opportunities for the youth and aspiring entrepreneurs to network with local influencers.

3. Provide mentorship programs for youth and aspiring entrepreneurs– Collecting and sharing stories from industry leaders on what works and what does not work when starting or scaling a business.

4. Create an internship program for students to gain hands-on experience; helping small businesses complete tasks that can be done with little or no training while providing a stepping stone for students to increase knowledge, skills, and confidence.

5. Utilizing social media workshops to stay on top of business trends and joint marketing initiatives to increase brand awareness and exposure.


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