Estelle Brooks Sharing Some Tips On Three “C’s” To Your Health

Let me introduce the three “C’s” to your health. One
commitment (wellness), two control (nutrition), and three
consistency (exercise). Be “committed” to living an healthy
lifestyle that will keep you well. Learn to keep your nutrition
under “control”. Every time we open our mouth doesn’t mean
that food has to go in it. Eat but control how much you eat,
how often and what benefits your body receives from what you
eat. When it comes to exercise be “consistent”. There is no
need for a “cheat day” as some say. When you cheat on your
health or life you will eventually cheat in other areas of your
life. It is better to just do a little something than to cheat and
do nothing.
It my last article I spoke about our number one killer the “fork”.
Let me briefly speak on one of the things that is very
destructive that ends up on the fork. It’s called “artificial”. Yes,
artificial. Artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial drinks, along
with preservatives and additives. Listen, dog food is no longer
called dog food, but “pet food”. Animal food now must have
no preservatives, no additives, no artificial colors and no
artificial flavors. Their food can now go in the refrigerator with
yours. We cannot let the health of animals be elevated and our
health be devalued. We must raise our health from
degeneration to regeneration. Artificial foods create artificial
intelligence, artificial creativity, artificial families, (no one is real
in the homes), artificial communities and artificial

environments. Artificial foods block our higher intelligence, vital
(meaningful) intelligence and our spiritual intelligence. We our
told to eat a balanced diet with an unbalance mind. How can
we balance our nutrition with artificial intelligence? There
comes a time when we must start to unlearn many things we
have learned and relearn, reset, rebuild and restore our life
back to living. Let’s go back to the wisdom of grandma. Snap
those green beans, eat those beets they are good for your
blood, eat that spinach it will make you strong and eat your
carrots they are good for your eyes. My how I miss grandma’s
words of “nutritional wisdom”. May you be blessed with good
health, long life, and prosperity. Blessing Always Fit 4u is 4u Cascade Media Group Columnist Estelle Brooks


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