Estelle Brooks Sharing Some Tips On Wellness & Nutrition Obesity, High Blood Pressure, stress, Depression, Oppression

Let’s begin with “Clean up what you messed Up”. Yes, the root
cause of all dis-ease begins with “self” yet we blame or fault
obesity, high blood pressure, stress, depression, oppression or
any other defect. It is our “decisions”, “undiscipline self” and
lack of “effort” to strive on a consistent pattern toward, good
health, long life and prosperity. That ruins our health. Let’s be
real. “Health and Wellness is not a Disney land, fantasy world or
amusement park. Life and health are not twilight zones. For
instance, let’s look at “car” and “yourself”. WE wash a car,
clean out the inside, check tire pressure, make sure the right
gas is put in, change the oil and when the “check engine light
comes on we “rush” to find out the problem. Now do you do
the same for your well-being! Our check light comes on when
we get constipated, vomit, headache under arm and feet odor,
pass an unpleasant odor are all signs that our body needs a
“diagnostic” check. When our clothes become too tight, corn
or bunions on our feet, dry skin, dandruff well something is
wrong. We are consuming the wrong foods (liquid or solid)!
Listen, I will give you six words that can make you get back to
Wellness and good health “instantly”.
“Stop doing what made you sick”. Here are six more: “Remove
what causes you to stress”. Your anti-depressant is to remove
what makes you “depress”. Yes “removeable” is the “cure”.
Yes, remove the “cause” and the “effect” goes away. Again,
water, fruits, (with seeds) and vegetables along with “exercise”

will rebuild your health along with the Stop and removable
method! “Clean Up What You Messed Up” Cascade Media Group Columnist Estelle Brooks


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