Estelle Brooks Sharing Some Tips On Wellness & Nutrition

Hi, my name is Estelle Brooks. I am going to share with you
information on Wellness and Nutrition. First, I would like to say
I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. I would like
to begin by saying that the most important thing about
wellness and nutrition is to love yourself. I would like to say to
love yourself is to give yourself the best of everything. “What
you love you do not destroy”. Exercise is a very important part
of wellness and nutrition. Wellness means to be well
spiritually, mentally, physically and creatively. Nutrition is
consistent of not only eating healthily but learning how to eat,
when to eat and knowing what you are eating and what it does
for the body, mind and spirit. Nutrition begins by reading the
ingredients of what you consume. The quality of the food is
more important than the quantity of the food. It is often said
you are what you eat, but you also are the knowledge of what
you eat. When you don’t know what you eat it will have an
effect on the body’s organs. Therefore, to be well you must eat
well. You do not have to eat three meals a day as it has been
often said by the FDA. One must eat to live and not live to eat.
Your nutrition daily should consist of water, fruits, and
vegetables. Breakfast which means to break your fast from
overnight detoxification after sleeping eight hours. You should
begin your breakfast, which means again breaking your fast
with water, not a cup of coffee, not a cigarette, nor alcohol.

You do not want to start your day by defiling, polluting, or
destroying your body organs. Therefore, it is important to
begin your day by living and not dying. You must begin your
day by “Get busying living or get busying dying”. The way you
live is the way you will die. Therefore, I encourage you as you
begin your day to rise learning to be aware of how you begin
your day. You have one life, one body and one mind. So don’t
take the breath of life for granted. Wellness, nutrition and
exercise are very important towards your “destiny in life”


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