Estelle Brooks Sharing Some Tips On Nutrition “Diabetes”

Diabetes – How did our bodies go from diabetes to diabetes 1, to diabetes 2- Why didn’t the cause stop or removed in the beginning. The “stop” and “removable” method should be used in a disease cases. You can rest assure that what went in your mind went in your mouth then in your body. Two things did you ask yourself do I want it or do I need it. “Need” and “Want” – What you “want” got you sick what you “need” gets you out. “keep you well. Example: What you want got you in debt, what you “need” gets you out. What you “want” got you “stressed” and “depressed”. What you “need” removes stress and depression”. You say you got “problems” but you don’t, you have “situations”. Stop the “situation” and “problems” don’t arrive.
Wellness-Nutrition and exercise work the same way. Where it begins is where it ends. Get started. It’s said, “one step begins the journey of a thousand miles” but “Alive” and “Heathy”. You cannot save a child until you first save yourself.
Nutrition-water first to avoid dehydration, dried out cartilage and oxygen depletion. Be for days what do you in a desert for days. What do you ask for first? A margarita with a twist, wine, bloody mary, slow gin fizz, BK (Burger King) to have it your way or love that chicken from Popeyes, coffee, cigarette, no, you ask for “water”. Drink plenty of water.
Exercise – “Do something”! walk around in the house, outside, dance, jump rope do something but first “stretch”. Get the overnight kinks out of the body. All animals’ dogs, cates etc., stretch when they awake, even babies. Do believe animals’ instincts should be beyond your intelligence. Your health is your wealth. In the word health is “heal” in the word wealth is “heal”. Get busy living or get busy dying. Do something for a change “Do something for You!


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