Conspiracy theorist. Are they smarter than everyone else?

We recently met up with some friends who started talking
about how Jeffrey Epstein was still alive and living in an
undisclosed site. His arrest, his suicide and subsequent autopsy
and cremation were all a ruse to satisfy the public but it didn’t
really happen. After asking where such proof of this would be
found we were called victims of the main street media and
lemming who just followed the crowd and not free thinkers.
How do these folks get away with making these bold claims
without any substantiation? Where do they come up with this
stuff? Is it Fox News or Newsmax or conspiracy theories they
read on the internet.
Sometimes I really doubt what I see or read in the mainstream
media and in today’s world with AI who knows what’s really
going on.
But there’s one thing I know for sure. Those QAnon weirdos
and conspiracy theorist sure are amusing.


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