“6” Words to Cure Disease and Illness: “Stop Doing What Made You Sick”

Amazing what a few simple words can do to help cure the body, mind, and spirit.  Let me explain how these six words work.  A car is moving toward a cliff.  Hit the brakes the car stops before it goes over the cliff.  All it took was for the car to stop.  Stop doing what made you sick.  Stop doing what makes you stressed.  Stop eating what makes you overweight.  Stop buying what you don’t need.  Stop doing what made you depressed. All you have to do is Stop.  When you get food poisoning? What do you do? You stop the cause of the food poisoning, and the effects stop.  My last article I spoke about “Artificial” products, flavors, colors, preservatives and additives.  Artificial means unnatural, fake, false, unreal and substitute.  Foods that are chemically processed serve no nutritional purpose but keeps the body unfit and undernourished. 

When you consume foods that are artificial and have words you cannot pronounce or have two or more paragraphs of ingredients that’s no “Red Flag” that is a “Banner”.  All I am saying is read before you eat.  In truth learn what you don’t know because “to know nothing is bad but to learn nothing is even worse”.  Don’t stop eating, learn how to eat.  Eating artificial foods is like the “robot” that cleans the middle of your living room and doesn’t clean behind the sofa or chair.  The robot did a half ass job because the robot is artificial.  In other words eat but fast sometimes and take a stomach rest.  Believe me, your body organs will definitely thank you.  Listen.  Remember when food was made from “scratch”.  Today potatoes aren’t peeled or mashed.  No, mash potatoes are replaced by water and powdered potatoes.  Food is in a cup with hot water now that is artificial. Yet we wonder why our brain, heart, liver, colon, and other body parts or dysfunctional. 

There is a cause that you choose that creates dire effects.   You may not choose the day of your birth and death, but you can choose how you eat to live.  It is up to everyone to choose good health (nutrition), long life (exercise), and prosperity (wellness).  So are you sick of being sick and tired of being tried then stop doing what makes you sick and stop doing what makes you tried.  We are all allotted time, space and years to live.  Be real or artificial.  Choose to be “fit or unfit”, “clean or unclean”, and choose between the “permitted or forbidden”.  Choose wisely.  Don’t let unhealthy eating choose for you.  Six words will make the difference between early death or prolonged life.  Be Strong-Be Blessed-Be Real. Fit4uis4u.  

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