Native Americans Incarceration

There are 574 federally recognized Indian Nations called tribes, nation, bands, and native villages in the United States. Let’s talk briefly about the treatment native people in the criminal justices system. Personally, I rarely here about the Native people incarceration. There are tribal land who has there own law to address the criminal justice system. This column is about the racial disparitie in a broken society regarding an issues that rarely get addressed regarding the native people who is not in a native village . The United States incarceration-has  a growing population of native people, and what little research of data exist show over representation.
The treatment they received while incarcerated. Research founded Native people die by police brutality at a triple rate than their white counterpart and Double regarding their Blacks counterparts.  Native youths and young men’s are sentenced more harshly than any other racial groups in the United States. Data has shown Native people who was prosecuted for aggravated assault in the federal court was sentenced 62 percent longer prison term than offenders in state courts.  
The Researchers and government data publications when breaking down the ethnicity and race, The native people are often omitted or in a meaningless way looked upon as others. This should not be!!  This column is about shining the light regarding  native children and families who rarely are addressed as well regarding incarceration. I look forward to your comments, ideas, and concerns for the column.  If you would like to part of the conversation or Be interested in sharing your thoughts with us on the podcast “Shining The Light! I welcome you …. Please contact me at: 
Blessings Always Tribe! 
Barbara Courtney, Director 
Chicken of Incarcerated Parents 
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Barbara Courtney

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