Oralee McKinzy Historical and Organizational Educator Newest Member Of The Cascade Media Group Team

I believe Oralee McKinzy is one of our future standard-bearers for the Black Community she has my Carlos Nelson full endorsement and support.
Oralee McKinzy is the Executive Director of Life 360, a nonprofit organization based in Kansas City, MO, that is dedicated to promoting progressive technologies and methodologies to expand the education and history landscape through digital and virtual programming. As such, this locally grown organization is committed to ensuring that the contributions and rich history of the diverse people and communities that built Kansas City are honored and remembered.
Mrs. McKinzy is the descendent of enslaved people who built various Missouri communities, as well as prominent local political and social activists. Raised to honor the stories of all Kansas City residents, past and present, Mrs. McKinzy has worked with the Watkins Foundation since 2008, to ensure that the history of enslaved Kansas City ancestors buried on land now owned by the Kansas City International Airport is honored and shared via digital wall exhibit and another programming. She is also leading a Life360 initiative designed to capture the life histories of numerous elders with strong roots in Kansas City and throughout Missouri, to use in educational programming and development of a local heritage archive.
Mrs. McKinzy has worked as an educator in public schools and community settings since 2004 and is particularly interested in promoting positive youth development to support well-being in at-risk youth and those experiencing multiple challenges. She has an established record as a community health worker and peers, support specialist, with extensive experience engaging with diverse youth and their families. Mrs. McKinzy has built on her education in Aviation Maintenance Technology and Organizational Leadership to address the needs of culturally diverse communities with various needs. She is currently working with the Kansas City Museum and Westport Roanoke Community Center developing programming for youth and families aimed at engaging in true partnership with residents to capture “the whole story” of Kansas City’s history and which will fuel ongoing exhibits and Life 360 programming.


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